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Community Integration

Recreation and Fitness

   Person-Directed Planning

       On-going Programs 


Learn more about our personalized 1:1 and group opportunities and supports 

  • Recreation

  • Life Skills

  • Coping Skills and Problem Solving Techniques 

  • Virtual and Phone Connections

Learn more about our on-going group programs

  • Personal Connections

  • Recreational Activities

  • Become apart of the community 

  • Fitness Activities 

 Group Programs
Day Programs
Gym Programs 
Life Skills
Coping Skills & Problem Solving Techniques
Cost and Fees

RecFit Services is a Fee-For-Service agency. We are not a Not-For-Profit or Charity organization. We do not receive any funding or additional support from outside resources to offset costs. 

Our fees cover

- Insurance

- Staff and Administration Wages

- Staff Meetings 

- Employer Contributions

- Facility Rentals and Membership (ex. L.A. Fitness, Kiwanis)

- Website and Email

- Supplies

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