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About Us

RecFit services is a private company and not a non profit or charity.

We provide affordable personalized 1:1 and group supports, services and outings to individuals 18+ living in the Niagara Region. Call us to inquire about our successful group day program and our gym program.


We work with individuals with special needs and/or mental health issues including dual diagnosis.

Both on a referral and non referral basis, with or without a diagnosis.

*Individuals must be able to manage their own personal care. 


RecFit Services believes in a client-centered approach. This means we strive to be flexible and adaptable, understanding that each individual and family will be unique in their needs, interests, and abilities. We will work together with the Family to customize the plan of action required for a healthy outcome. 


Location: Our head office is located in St. Catharines, Ontario 

Our Mission: To empower individuals to reach their full potential through participation in recreation and fitness activities, community participation, activities of daily living, and person-directed planning.


RecFit Services accepts Passport dollars, Special Services at Home, as well as private funding.

To Apply: Simply Email us for a Complimentary Consultation. We Look forward to chatting with you!

Craig MacDonald

  • Mental Health Facilitator
  • Life Skills Coach
  • Former Personal Trainer & Healthy Eating and  Weight Loss Coach


"With a diploma in Mental Health/Addictions Counselling, and

over 15 years experience working directly with the Mental Health Community. I believe I have the tools to help people meet their goals and surpass their own expectations. 


I am driven by my passion for working with people and my belief in the benefits of what I do."

 Anna Scott

  • Recreation Therapist
  • Life Skills Coach
  • Creative Art Facilitator
  • "With a diploma in Therapeutic Recreation, Developmental Service Worker education, and over 10 years experience working with Adults with various disabilities. I believe I am aligned to the needs of the community and population that we serve."


I want to help people surpass the limits of their beliefs because I believe that excellence is in all of us."

We have an amazing team of qualified staff... Gloria, Dawn, David, Larissa and Reed!
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