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Active Aging Services

RecFit Services provides a variety of one-to-one, couples and group opportunities to members of the Mature Adult community. 


Our goal is to build social and life skills through recreation and fitness. By using SMART goals, we can track outcomes, while also ensuring personalized service. We strive to be flexible and adaptable, understanding that each individual will be unique in their needs, interests, and abilities. 


Contact us for more details or to book an introductory meeting today.  

Fitness and Health


Physical activity is a very important and powerful tool for the Mature Adult.   The optimization the body has numerous health benefits, from battling age related physical ailments, to managing weight, to improving cognitive function.  


No matter your current level of fitness, our Certified Personal Trainer/Weight Loss Coach can help you set, and achieve, your personalized fitness goals. 

  • Personalized Exercise Routines

  • Functional Fitness (balance, agility range of motion)

  • Learning to make healthier food choices

  • Low Impact Chair Exercises

  • Stretching 

  • Attending a Fitness Centre

  • Relaxation Techniques


Contact us today to explore the possibilities and make fitness and health part of your mental health plan. You will literally feel  the difference! 



Recreation and Leisure
One-on-One, Couples and Groups


Participating in recreational and leisure activities has numerous therapeutic benefits.  Decreased feelings of isolation and depression, improved cognitive function, building connections, maintaining social skills ; these are just a few of the ways recreation can improve your overall quality of life.

Our qualified and professional Recreation Facilitators can help you explore the various recreational opportunities within our community and beyond.

  • Community Outings (Bowling, Restaurants, Movies, etc)

  • Walking

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Gardening

  • Board, Puzzle, and Card Games

  • Music

  • Computers

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Spa Services (Manicures)



Daily Living Assistance

Daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, booking appointments, personal hygiene, etc. can often become difficult as a person becomes older. However, with proper cues, reminders, and guidance, it may still be possible for a person to continue to complete these tasks.


That's where our qualified facilitators come in!


Our staff work in co-operation with clients in order to maintain and practice the skills required for daily independent living.  A little help with daily living activities can go a long way towards prolonging independence.

Contact us for more details...

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